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Resort Consulting is dedicated to helping customers expand capacity, increase profitability and improve their bottom line. Their services are provided to a range of customers, including but not limited to tourism, resorts, cafes and tour guiding enterprises.

Extensive Experience

Ivor Davies has extensive experience in Queensland’s tourism and resort sector. A proven performer, Ivor has over 20 years’ experience as General Manager at some of the State’s most iconic and award winning resorts and attractions.

Consulting Services

Professional business consultancy services, benefiting tourism and resort businesses. Covering everything from business planning to finance, marketing, team building, budgeting and menu evaluations.

Obligation Free Enquiries

Potential clients are invited to contact Ivor directly, with no obligations and complete confidentiality, to discuss their specific businesses and requirements. Ivor can be reached on 0418 730 882.

Tourism & Business Consultancy Services

Ivor Davies, owner / operator of Resort Consulting, provides clients with expert advice, insight and consultancy services. He is supported in his endeavours by a range of professional partners and business associates.

While our expertise is mainly in the tourism and resort sector, our services can apply to a wide range of individuals or private and public enterprises across a variety of industries.

Our process begins with your enquiry. This may result in a formal evaluation and subsequent report with the option for a business to self-manage the recommendations provided and/or engage in follow-up remedial interventions.

Our Tourism & Business Consultancy Services Include

  • Crafting business strategy and business planning
  • Business performance review
  • Financial management, budgeting and profit making
  • Board of directors development and management
  • Business management and operational training for managers
  • Sales and marketing reviews and strategic development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reviewing and strategically improving customer satisfaction
  • HRM services and planning
  • Staff and management team building, motivation assessments and strategic improvements
  • Bookkeeping and payroll review an ongoing management
  • Food and beverage performance reviews and strategy development
  • IT and telephony review, solutions and management
  • Property assessment and refurbishment reviews
  • Property refurbishment project management
  • Body corporate sinking cost works assessments and budgeting
  • Fire assessments and compliances
  • WH&S assessment review and strategic planning
  • Environmental facilities assessment, compliances and reports
  • Tour Guide training development and assessment
  • Indigenous business tourism strategic reviews and development
  • Tourism funding management and acquittals
  • Eco / Nature resort pest animal management solutions

We work closely with clients and enjoy delivering services which achieve results. For more information or a chat about what Resort Consulting could do for your business.


“I have worked with Ivor Davies in a number of different capacities for more than 15 years. This has been through many different aspects of my own business, Undara Experience, as well as external businesses we have been involved with. This has allowed me the opportunity to see Ivor in many different scenarios in business.

He is the best business manager I have ever worked with and he has a great understanding of what needs to be implemented in a business to achieve the desired results. He has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of financial management and business profitability, human resource management, workplace health and safety and the practical skills and knowledge to ensure the correct operational systems are developed for your business.

His extensive experience in food and beverage is evident in his ability to get the best results from restaurants, cafes and the food industry. Over this time, I have asked Ivor to be project manager on different projects we have been developing and he has been exceptionally thorough throughout the process, from planning and implementation to monitoring performance with key performance indicators.

I can’t recommend Ivor Davies and Resort Consulting highly enough. I’m absolutely certain that if you follow his advice, you will achieve your desired business results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require more information.”

Bram Collins - Managing Director - Undara Experience – August 2016

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“I worked closely with Ivor Davies for over 15 years during his tenure as General Manager of Kingfisher Bay Resort Group.Over that time we also together worked on a number of significant consulting roles which included clients such as Kooralbyn Valley Resort and Golf Course, South Molle Island Resort, Waltzing Matilda Centre Winton, Undara Experience (which we managed for a long period of time and continues to prosper today under Ivor’s direction.

Ivor has many skills and is in my view one of the best operators I have seen in 30 years in the hospitality business.

He is particularly adept at assessing people and working with them to grow their capabilities and get the best out of them.

He is very strong in his knowledge of operating a quality and cost efficient food and beverage operation. This is one of the most challenging areas in my experience to get right and maintain consistency of product quality and cost results. As an ex-chef Ivor “gets it” – you can’t pull the wool over his eyes with excuses. He can get in and re-engineer a business to drive its performance.

I could say a lot more but suffice to say if I had an issue in my business he would be the first person I would call to try and get me sorted and back on track. I am happy to elaborate personally on 0418888380.”

Gary Smith - Tourism Leisure Corporation Pty Ltd – September 2015

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“I have known IVOR DAVIES since 1998 when he became involved in a professional business management contract arrangement by, (TLC), “Tourism Leisure Corporation” of our family business Undara Experience. This arrangement continued successfully for all parties for a number of years and was terminated by mutual agreement when we were confident we had developed the new skills and confidence to manage the business.

In more recent years, since Ivor retired from his position with TLC, he accepted an offer to become the General Manager of Undara Experience and have the overall responsibility of overseeing the management of both Dutana Pty Ltd and Undaval Pty Ltd, which are the two companies responsible for Undara Experience operationally and structurally.

My personal and professional interests have traditionally been in the Beef Industry and they are currently as a partner in SPK Pastoral and as the owner and operator of Spring Creek station, with other members of my family. Ivor has a wealth of overall business knowledge and experience which can be applied in a number of different types of business and when he offered to assist with business planning relating to SPK Pastoral, we were quick to accept.

Ivor has made it a priority to personally become better informed on some of the different strategies required in running a pastoral operation and marry them with the general business principles which have served him so well over the years.

Ivor has been a great asset in being able to help prepare the next generation to take responsibility to manage these two family businesses in to the future and to help facilitate the succession process.

Ivor is well equipped to be able to advise, supervise and train individuals in best management practice and has the practical experience and academic qualifications to give me the confidence to accept his recommendations.”

Gerry Collins - Spring Creek Station – August 2016

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Ivor has a tremendous ability to analyse a business’ issues and determine the critical elements required to take things to the next level. His insights come from a lifetime of strategic planning in the hospitality and tourism fields, and his no-nonsense approach enables quick and effective action. I have seen Ivor deliver game-changing results for small businesses, major resorts and tourism organisations, including building their capacity, management systems and profit. In each case he has developed new insights beyond the owners and managers understandings, enabling fresh approaches and new success.

Samantha Boswell - Boz Oz Pty Ltd

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Ivor Davies has provided a range of advice and services to several tourism operations in the Savannah Guides network. These have included product and experience evaluations, human resource analyses, management systems and marketing reviews and financial control advice. These projects have all delivered substantial results for the business, providing insightful perspectives and new directions. I highly recommend Ivor’s services because of his vast experience at many levels in the industry, turning the complexity of business operations into a clear pathway towards better systems and profitability.

Russell Boswell - Manager, Savannah Guides Limited

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